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Thoughts Against Gas-Pedal Pacing in TTRPGs

Post Views: 1,569 “It is a fast [plot]? // It’s fast enough for you, old man.” “Pacing” is one of those nebulous issues in story-telling.  Generally, it refers to how fast a story progresses through the arc of events of the plot.  In an era of non-stop-action movies, it’s easy as a GM to feel that things need be a rolling boil at all times in our Table-Top Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs).  I personally think that’s a mistake. “Just Write” on YouTube does an interesting talk-about “Rise of Skywalker” ( .  One of the remarks he makes is that the director’s trademark style is to push the plot ahead at a frenetic pace by virtue of exposition sequences that drive action sequences.  There are no scenes as a common…

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