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Day: July 1, 2012

The Sauder Diaries On Six Sunday – 01 July 2012

Post Views: 250 From “The Sauder Diaries — A Bloodier Rose “: “So, tell me, Miss Coline,” Blackheart said after a sip of his wine. “What prompted you to jump that gunwale? It could not have been something you had ever anticipated doing.” “Eh bien, mon capitaine,” she said with a youthful giggle, “it was a silly childhood game I used to play with my brothers and their friends. I was always getting captured by the pirates! They always seemed to have more fun than I did.” If you’re not familiar with “Six Sentence Sunday”, swing over to and take a look. Its a great idea; dozens of authors submitting the punchiest six lines out of existing or soon-to-arrive stories. Browse them; see what hooks you. Hit…

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