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Day: July 15, 2012

The Sauder Diaries On Six Sunday – 15 July 2012

Post Views: 396 From “The Sauder Diaries — By Any Other Name“: “Are you staying past Brussels, or not?” she demanded. He blinked at her, surprise clear in his features. “What? What do you mean?” “We have four Engineers now, Hans. You could leave the ship with a clean conscience from Brussels and return home to your fiancée.” She crossed her arms, and her entire bearing was at once hostile and dismissive. “The Sauder Diaries” is an adventure-romance set in Steampunk Victorian-era Europe. The main character, Hans Sauder, is Shanghaied into being a member of one of the most infamous airship crews of the continent. If you’re not familiar with “Six Sentence Sunday”, swing over to and take a look. Its a great idea; dozens of authors…