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Blog Tour – Alison DeLuca’s “Devil’s Kitchen”

Post Views: 778 Review of “Devil’s Kitchen” If you’re looking for sweetness and light in your reading, then don’t look for it in Alison DeLuca’s “Devil’s Kitchen”. This is what happens when Wells, Dickens and Faust have an agreement about what a Victorian dystopia should look like. I’ll stop here and tell you that, as with any proper Steampunk-esque adventure, the Good Guys do eventually win and the heroes of the story are the Good Guys. But what makes “Devil’s Kitchen” worth reading is the utter slog that the heroes endure to make it there. DeLuca has built a solid, interconnected, ugly underbelly to the glitter of steam and brass that everyone loves in neo-Victorian stories and settings. Labour houses, indentured service, an absolute vacuum of worker rights, this book has it…

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Author Interview – Alison DeLuca of the “Crown Phoenix” Series

Post Views: 209 MRV: Hi, Alison! Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk with me and the readers at Split Horizons. ADL: Thanks so much for hosting me, Michel! It’s a beautiful site.   MRV: I don’t usually do author interviews, but I understand you’ve hit a special milestone. You’ve got your third book in your “Crown Phoenix” series out. Can you tell us how that feels to you? ADL: Fantastic – unbelievable! And, it also makes me want to work harder. I’m close to the end of the final book in the four-part series, so I’m concentrating on the work ahead. Once that book, the South Sea Bubble, is up, I’ll have a host of other projects that have been tugging at my sleeve for the past year. I think…

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Orangeberry Book Tours – Stephanie Abbott

Post Views: 286 Greetings one and all! Trying something new and different here at Split Horizons… having a guest author, Ms.Stephanie Abbott, provide a character interview for her novella “Past Lives #1 Rachel”. Do me a favor and leave some feedback … 1) are you interested in seeing more guest posts from other authors and 2) would you be interested in seeing a few character interviews with the gang from the Bloody Rose? Let me know! Without further ado, allow me to present Ms.Stephanie Abbott (AKA S.A. Reid)! ———————————–  “What Do You Like About People?” By Stephanie Abbott  If you’d asked me this question before the crash, I probably would have gotten snarky and said, “When they leave me alone,” or “Watching them back the hell off.” Oh,…

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