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Blog Tour – Alison DeLuca’s “Devil’s Kitchen”

Post Views: 808 Review of “Devil’s Kitchen” If you’re looking for sweetness and light in your reading, then don’t look for it in Alison DeLuca’s “Devil’s Kitchen”. This is what happens when Wells, Dickens and Faust have an agreement about what a Victorian dystopia should look like. I’ll stop here and tell you that, as with any proper Steampunk-esque adventure, the Good Guys do eventually win and the heroes of the story are the Good Guys. But what makes “Devil’s Kitchen” worth reading is the utter slog that the heroes endure to make it there. DeLuca has built a solid, interconnected, ugly underbelly to the glitter of steam and brass that everyone loves in neo-Victorian stories and settings. Labour houses, indentured service, an absolute vacuum of worker rights, this book has it…

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