Cover Art Contest Results – Not Done Yet!

Voting is now closed!  I’m taking today and tomorrow to take a careful second look at all the entrants in the contest and decide which piece, in combination with fan accolades, is the best representation for “The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name”.  Announcement will be on Monday!

In the meantime, the four from which I will pick the top three are:

Artist name: Steven Miscandlon
Title: “Tempus Incognitum
Votes: 39

Artist name: Amanda McCrina
Title: “1888
Votes: 29

Artist name: Daniel Swensen
Title: “Front Plate
Votes: 14
Website: [no portfolio site]

Artist Name: Anastasia Lutova
Title: “Pirate Witness
Votes: 8

If you haven’t taken a look, swing by the Gallery Page and take a look at all the great images!

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