Signed Paperback Contest – “The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name”

So as I posted a few days ago, we’re in the review process for the “proof copies” of the Trade Paperback format of  “The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name”, Lazarus Edition.  So, the first thing I want to do is give away two signed copies to fans.    Here’s the details:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest starts on the 2nd of July and runs to the 23rd of July.  I’m using Rafflecopter to host and manage it.

Have fun and good luck!

13 thoughts on “Signed Paperback Contest – “The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name”

  1. I heard about the Sauder Diaries from the author himself. This was not the first material I’ve read from Michel Vaillancourt. I have been lucky enough to read a lot of his earlier writing, even if they ranged from short stories to smaller exercise material. What I have always liked about his work is his ability to portray solid characters that possess a fun share of naughty and nice!

  2. I heard about this from the DragonCorsets fb page. Always like finding new authors in unusual places.

  3. Honestly – I stumbled across TSD via Twitter — I was looking through my feed for new books to check out on my Kindle, and was sifting recommendations. Someone had either retweeted you, or tweeted about it outright (I don’t think I was following you at the time), so I went to Amazon, read through the free opening pages, and decided I liked it enough to pay money to read the rest. Boy am I SO GLAD that I did…..!

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