A quick update about the state of progress for “The Sauder Diaries”

So I am pleased to report that my former publisher delivered both my sales numbers for December 2011 as well as my royalties today. My rate of sales for the 12 day period from the 19th to the 31st was about double my “hopeful” target, which certainly feels good.

The royalties recieved will be going into financing the Book Cover Contest, for which I’ve already recieved some smashing submissions. I’m in the process of reading up on Amazon Kindle’s publishing requirements and then I’ll be moving on to Chapters and then Barnes & Noble.

With the current fracturing going on in the distribution space as a result of Amazon’s decision to open its own imprint, I’ve decided to work as broadly as I can. There is a lot of change happening right now, and while you cannot deny that Amazon is the 900# Goliath in this fight, that discounts odd little men named David who upset history books and established World Orders.

The last thing to do in all of this is ensure the final steps are taken care of to recover all rights and creative control of my works. However that’s just a couple of emails and a couple of stamps. I’ll be doing that tonight.

2 thoughts on “A quick update about the state of progress for “The Sauder Diaries”

  1. Don’t sweat it, Michel. The very first horror publisher I worked with turned out to be a scammer. I walked away from the deal, put a bullet in the collection and haven’t looked back. Now – I can’t count how many books and stories I have published. Money is flowing to the author. Legitimate cover images are being used. Life is good. You will put this shit behind you. Amazon Kindle isn’t a bad way to go.

    • Thanks very much Steve. It’s good to get some encouragement and thoughts that I’m heading the right way with this. I appreciate it a lot; you’re an author and talent that I respect.

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